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May 21

Just your average Wednesday

I’ve got Harrison and Jordyn here today, plus my two. And it’s lovely, we went for a walk earlier, I had Harrison and Jordyn in the wagon and Sam in his little monkey backpack. We walked down to the store to get butter for cookies this afternoon, and then sat outside in the sunshine and played bubbles and chalk. Then Jess came home from school, we all had lunch (tuna, pickles and chips) and I changed all three diapers, put Harrison down for his nap. Jordyn and Sam are getting ready for theirs – Jordyn has to wind down a bit, and Sam didn’t seem emotionally ready – although Harrison literally asked to “lay down in bed” so I figured I’d put him down first.

I’ve got much to do, in the upcoming days. Glennys, Annie and John are all coming for dinner tonight, tomorrow night, Lilli and Sarah are arriving for two days straight. Friday night, we’re all going to Janet and Josh’s for shabbat dinner, Saturday we’re going to a cookout at either my brother or my sister’s house, Sunday we’re hosting one here, and Monday we’re going to whoever’s house we did not go to on Saturday.

Jess is doing well, temperment wise. She’s becoming so independent in a lot of ways, and it feels like we spend a phenominal amount of time arguing about stuff, but I try and keep telling myself that she’s just testing the limits and figuring out who she is, and not trying specifically to make me insane. Then she’ll morph back into toddlerhood, and want to be rocked and cradled to sleep. Sam is still very much a toddler, still nursing like a mad man and right now, he and Jes are playing ‘baby’ when Sam pretends to be Jessie’s baby. She makes him lay down and pretend to sleep. I’m hoping maybe he’ll just fall asleep while they’re doing it :-). He’s got this new thing where he raises his hand to express his willingness to do stuff. I’ll say “who’s ready for dinner” and Sam will wave his hand in the air – it’s so cute. I don’t know where he picked it up – Jessie doesn’t do it. But he’s very good about it, he never raises his hand unless he wants to do it. It’s amazing to me how intelligent he is, and how apparent it is from such an early age. Not that Jessie wasn’t the same way – but she was so much more verbal about it. Sam isn’t anywhere near as much of a talker as his sister is, but he’s still very communicative, which I love.

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