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Apr 23

Bright and beautiful Wednesday

And still in the midst of Passover – Marc really wanted to keep kosher for Passover this year, and I’m doing my best, at least where the kids are concerned. Presenting a united front and all… but I admit that I’m frustrated by it. The kids don’t really like matzoh, and I’m flat out shocked by how dependent I obviously am on dry cereal. It’s my standard snack, and the kids munch on it off and on all day. Without that, I’m left with fruit (which they will eat, but not with the same consistent enthusiasm) as a snack. I’m about to make bubbled up eggs for Jess, so at least she’ll get something in her belly this morning. Passover is my favorite Jewish holiday, but ironically, the one with the worst food…

Just got back from taking the kids out for a walk – and it was not good. Three toddlers is one too many when you’ve only got a double stroller. I had one of them in the little harness, Sam for the first half of the walk and Harrison for the second. Sam fell several times, as did Harrison. Sammy actually skinned his little knees for the first time ever 🙁

I think we’ll be sticking with inside for a while – they just aren’t steady enough on their feet for a serious walk…

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