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Apr 24

Jessie’s cast fell off today

Which baffled and confused me. It’s a cast, isn’t it supposed to stay on? I called the orthopedic surgeon and had Marc take her over immediately and now she’s got a nice neon pink one welded to her wrist. She’s actually adjusted really well to only having one hand – I’m surprised at how quickly she’s adapted. I caught her yesterday trying to peel a banana with her mouth, holding the banana in one hand and tugging down the skin with her teeth. But that’s Jessie, she’s relatively self-sufficient. She rarely asks for help if there’s a way she can do it on her own.

Many, many children today – I had Harrison, Julia, Jordyn and my two. And by the time everyone else left, I was pretty harried and stressed out. I packed them both into the double stroller and pushed them down to Elm Park. Granted Jessie was having a screaming temper tantrum – she screamed literally until we were a block away, which earned me several glares, a couple of sympathetic glances, and one guy who just looked scared. He was standing on his porch, holding an infant. And I told him to enjoy this time with his baby as I pushed my kids past, but can’t say for sure if he heard me over the screams…

I bought the kids burgers. There, I’ve said it. I confess… Marc is really pushing us to keep kosher for Passover and it’s bugging me. But I’m doing it, at least where the kids are concerned, but they don’t like Passover food, and didn’t eat any of the matzobrie that I made. So I got them burgers, and fed the buns to the fish and the turtle. Sam ate his bun, but it wasn’t my intent, I gave it to him to toss into the water, but he’s not stupid, he shoved it in his mouth :-). I would still celebrate Passover, and cook lots of matzoh oriented dinners, but I’d relax the rules, if I was the boss. Or if I was the only boss, I guess, because it’s not that Marc is the one who makes all of the decisions, but I know this is important to him, so I’m really trying.

They’re both asleep on the couch, and I’m reluctant to move them. Marc is off at the gym, and I’m sleepy and wishing that I could have showered.

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