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Mar 26

Too much

Sam was diagnosed with celiac disease today. It’s been eight months since he started vomiting daily. Two rounds of antibiotics, one endoscopy, multiple rounds of blood work, two allergists, one ENT doctor, two GI specialists, and a final round of tests that I asked for out of desperation. We got the bloodwork back two days …

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Mar 23

Five months and two weeks

Yeah – I’ve started the countdown. We’re all preparing for Jessie to move out. She’s been accepted at 7 out of the 8 colleges who have announced acceptances so far, and at least two of them are currently contenders. And the financial aid is so much better than we had hoped. She’s going to college. …

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Mar 01

This isn’t going well

I’ve got one kid who’s basically hiding in my bedroom 24/7, staring at her phone and refusing to do schoolwork. Another one who’s fine with school, up to date with everything, but constantly anxious, he just doesn’t know why. And another one who, with three months until the end of senior year, is breaking down …

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Feb 26


There are some wounds you don’t heal from. Some blows that you just don’t move past or recover from. And that’s part of life, and it’s hard and it hurts and there are certain songs that will play and instantly bring me back to a part of my life that was so exquisitely painful that …

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Feb 23

Ready for Spring

I need warm weather. I need sunshine and bare feet and long walks and sunglasses. Instead, I’ve got melty snow, mud all over the place and the walls are closing in on me. Jessie’s rapidly approaching burn out in school, Julie is STRUGGLING hard with online school and hates it (and me), and Sam’s allergies …

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Feb 20

Senior Spring

We aren’t there yet – we’re still stuck in the doldrums of winter. But spring is coming and there are little hints of it all around. For us, this year, it’s going to be senior spring. When Jessie finds out what colleges she gets into, what the financial aid packages are, and decides where she’s …

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Feb 12

Some days are harder than others

Don’t get me wrong, I know how much worse it can be. I know, even not taking all of the pandemic stress and fear and illness into account, how much harder it can be when a child is seriously in trouble, sick, hurt, injured, etc. This isn’t that. Whatever is going on – it’s not …

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Feb 06


I have no words. Actually, I do. But I’m struggling. This feels like such a milestone birthday, even if it’s just a milestone for me. Jessie has told me repeatedly that I’m making it a much bigger deal than it needs to be – she’s much more focused on college, scholarships, graduation. Turning from seventeen …

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Jan 30


When I look back, I don’t think my forties will be one of my favorite decades. I mean, on a spectrum, and with the caveat that I love my life, I’d have to rank my 40s as not the best. Not second best either. Maybe third. Overall. I didn’t enjoy my first decade, at all. …

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Jan 22


Julie starts school next week. TECCA, so it’s online school, but she’ll be officially enrolled in public school as of 1/27. Homeschooling did not work well for Jules. She learned a lot, but it was definitely a lot harder than I think either of us anticipated it would be. For one thing – she really, …

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