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Dec 26

Christmas 2020

It was a covid Christmas. So, right off the bat, it was going to be a little weird. But it turned out to be one of the nicer holidays. Very peaceful and quiet, but still lovely.

Jessie has covid toes, which her doctor has diagnosed based on symptoms and a picture. She thinks she probably had covid-19 several weeks ago, and was mostly asymptomatic, but now this is the lingering aftereffects. Her toes are swollen and tender, but other than that, she’s fine.

We cancelled the Christmas Eve get together at my mother’s house this year, with Becky, Aimee, Abby and everyone else. I did start to go down there with Marc, Sam and the girls, but Sam got so super sick, we turned around to go home. I dropped off Marc and Sam, and the girls and I went down there. We exchanged gifts, visited for a very short amount of time, and then took a slow drive back home. Picked up take out, and then put everyone to bed. Marc and I wrapped the presents and set everything out, went to bed, and got up an hour later with a poor so sick Samilicious boy. He was throwing up, and shaking and dizzy. I was really worried about him, because he just seemed SO sick, but eventually he dropped off to sleep, and woke up the next morning better. Not all the way, but not actively vomiting.

He’s been sick all weekend, not a ton, not throwing up, but not healthy either.

Christmas day was lovely, though, except for the sick Sammy portion of the day. We got him a Playstation 4, and got Julie a new phone. We got Jessie books, many, many books. Jessie cooked dinner – with some help from Marc. Turns out, Jessie’s pretty horrified by raw chicken. But she made a cheese board, and spiced nuts, and we had chocolates and read and relaxed and had an easy, no-stress sort of day. The girls and I broke down the tree, and for the first time ever, Jessie and Julie packed the boxes while I dismantled all the lights and ornaments.

There are perks to growing children, and having a kid make dinner, and actually be a serious help in terms of breaking down the decorations is HUGE.

Tomorrow, we’re waking up at 3:30 to go watch the sunrise over the ocean.

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