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Jan 13

January Updates

All is well. Really. We’re all still healthy – which is the main thing. But there are, as always, minor irritations and challenges that pop up. The biggest issue for me, right now, is Sam’s allergies. He’s been throwing up a lot lately, with an irritated sore throat and bloody noses. I’m 99% the problem is the allergies, but getting resolution is harder than one might imagine. My pediatrician very suddenly left, and while I’ve registered him with a new one, there isn’t anyone to call and get advice from presently. I have a consult with an allergist at Children’s Hospital, but the earliest appt I could get was 2/19.

In other news – Jessie has her first acceptance, from UMass Lowell, and an interview with Yale this week. She reminds me frequently that interviews mean nothing, really, just that her application isn’t dismissed out of hand. But college is becoming an ever present thing here – and the reality that she’ll be moving out of my house in eight months is still not something I’m ready or willing to face.

Julie is starting at TECCA in a few weeks, and I think we’re all looking forward to a little more consistency. She’s also vegetarian, since November. I’m really impressed with her, she decided to stop eating meat. And then did so. She’s switched to whole wheat bread and is willing to try new things and explore new flavors and textures. Her hair is also blue. Which is… okay. Blue is lovely. And while I miss her long brown hair, the short blue hair is adorable.

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