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Nov 19


The dumpster was delivered today, and I’m already thrilled to betsy about it.  With three children, two stepchildren, two kids I babysat for five years for, and a plethora of nieces and nephews, I have a ridiculous number of toys.  Toys that nobody ever plays with, toys that nobody loves because they’re broken down, battered, abused and desperate for the sweet relief of a dumpster.

I’m not a hoarder, in fact, I adore throwing things away.  What I do have is a compulsive need to please and an inability to say no when something is offered to me.  As a result, I have a LOT of stuff that I don’t want or need and whatever isn’t in good enough condition to donate to the local Savers store is going in the dumpster.

That being said, I have two children who are hoarders.  Sam is worse than Jessie, in that he doesn’t ever like anything to be thrown away, but Jess has more than her fair share of crap that she’s collected and would never notice if it wasn’t there.  Which is why I’m delighted about Monday and Tuesday of this week.  I plan on just throwing stuff out.  All day long.  Both days.   The dumpster will be here for ten days, but I plan on getting rid of as much as I can on those two days.

After that, let the packing begin!  Yes, I still have NO idea where I’m going.  You’d think this would throw me off, but nope – I’m serenity personified.  I’m sure we’ll find a place.  We’re still waiting to hear about one apartment and we’re going to see three more today and one on Monday.  Surely one of these will work.  Tell me one of these will work…

I’m getting rid of all the stuff.  I am.  All the old baby clothes, limiting myself to one little bag for each child of baby clothes that I adored them in.  But I can’t quite bring myself to get rid of my pram, even though Julie rarely sits in it and she’s never going to use the lay down portion of it again.  I also can’t quite get myself to donate my slings and baby carriers.  We’re probably done.  Probably.  But I’m still hanging onto my very favorite baby stuff, just in case.

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