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Oct 31


I would post pictures, but unfortunately, my camera took a tumble when we were apple picking in September and I just got around to replacing it.  I’ve figured out how to snap pics but haven’t figured out how to download yet.  But I have some cute pictures, and will post them soon :-).

Last year, we bought Sam a Batman costume and he flat out refused to wear it on Halloween.  So, logically, I told people that he was dressed as Bruce Wayne, in that he clearly WAS Batman, had the suit and everything but was pretending to just be a boy.  This year, he decided he wanted to be a SWAT team guy – so we bought that costume.  Crunch time came, and he was good with wearing it – but wanted nobody to be able to see it.  (sigh…) So we put the costume on, and then put a sweatshirt on over it, and when questioned, we said he was an UNDERCOVER SWAT team guy.  He had the bulletproof vest on under his clothes.  Maybe next year, he’ll actually dress up and show people :-).

Jessica went thru several different incarnations – she was a rock star for a while, then decided to be a princess, a cheerleader and ended up at the last minute going with the fairy option.  We were stuck for a wand – and my brilliant girl grabbed a wooden spoon and her apron and claimed she was a kitchen fairy.  She’d spin around, point at the air and holler “BOOM – dishes done!”  I was so proud.  Granted – you couldn’t tell what she was – because she was dressed in leggings and a purple shirt, with a little frilly purple skirt on under the apron, but she was so pleased with herself.

Julianna was just Julie.  I was going to try and trick or treat with her this year – and still think she would have been okay.  I have a sling, and a big cozy blanket – but we were going with Marc’s cousins and his aunt took one look at me and said “You aren’t planning on taking the baby out in this cold, are you?” and I quickly agreed that no, of course, it’s far too cold out there for this girl, and spent the night hanging inside, nibbling candy, nursing and cooing at Julie with all of Marc’s aunts :-). 

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