Rosh Hashanah was this weekend, and it went exceedingly well. Friday night, we had dinner at one of Marc’s aunt’s houses, Saturday morning, we went to services, went to a party at a different aunt’s house, and then hit another aunt’s house for Saturday night. Yesterday, we did services again, and then a quiet afternoon – we ordered pizza and hung out for a while, and then I went down to my mother’s house for a girls only visit.

Services went great – this was the first year I’d actually participated in them, last year, I was kind of trapped in the child care room. One thing that struck me as odd was that there was an actual police presence at the synagogue. Which is normal, I guess, but it really made me feel somewhat unsafe – like, really, is the threat of people coming to attack a synagogue so great that they feel compelled to station police right outside for the entire day? How scary is that?

I really enjoyed Marc’s family parties as well – his family is so psyched about the baby coming – I love it. My family is a little reserved about it – I think mostly they’re wishing that Becky had gotten pregnant instead. Not that they aren’t happy for me, but… I don’t know, it’s not as big a deal for my side of the family – Marc’s side is just all the way thrilled at the prospect of another baby. Maybe my family is just worn out with new babies – we’re a lot more prolific, so to speak, this will be the 12th grandchild for my mother, and I think the 23rd or 24th great grandchild.

Anyone else felt the baby move ridiculously early? I know it’s usually closer to 12 or 13 weeks, at the earliest – but I swear to God, I’ve felt it twice now. It’s very minor – but feeling the baby move is a pretty distinct feeling, and it’s not gas.

One thought on “High Holidays – and is it possible I feel the baby moving at nine weeks?

  1. Jonah Goldberg, Atlantic Magazine columnist, wrote in the aftermath of the mass-murder at the Holocaust Museum that everything you need to know about why there has to be a Holocaust Museum in the first place you know because the place NEEDS armed guards to protect it.

    Last year I spoke to my cousin Lisa about the cops because even though I grew up going to that synagogue, it had been several years since I had been there for the holidays. She told me that they started having to have the police there since an "incident" several years ago when some people showed up and started to make trouble, refused to leave, and there ended up being fights and injuries before the police could get there.

    Its just one of those things. Jew-hating, alive and well.


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