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Sep 24

Slacker Blogger

I’ve just been honestly so sick and yucky, I haven’t felt much like blogging lately. All is still delightful in my world – crippling financial worries that so far I’m managing to keep shoved to the side, when I think too much about it, I freak out, so I try to stay focused on other stuff :-).

Jess is thriving in first grade, I’m kicking myself for not pushing to get her into Flagg Street last year. The difference is astronomical, she’s excited about going every morning, can’t wait to get there, bounces out of the car and bops right in. It’s fabulous. She’s loving dance class, loving Hebrew School… Jess has always been a girl with a strong grip on the misery of life, to put it politely – she’s always been able to tap into that gloomy side of life without too much trouble, but this year has made such a difference. She’s just so much happier. She loves what she’s doing all day. I love seeing her so delighted with life.

Sam’s doing really well too – he’s still nowhere near potty training, but in all other respects, he’s grown up a LOT. He’s so funny and chatty and just my best buddy. I bring him with me wherever I go, so he’s my constant companion. I love this time with him, I find him endlessly interesting and the way his mind works fascinates me. He’s still nursing, and I’m past the point of thinking that I should stop. He’s not ready and when he is, he will. Until then – it works, still. It calms him down, makes him instantly calmer and more at ease, puts him to sleep within minutes and he’s only nursing maybe fifteen minutes, total, all day and night long. That’s nothing, really, and while I’m still hoping that he’ll stop before the baby comes, I’m letting go of trying to control that. He’ll stop when he’s ready – I haven’t gone this far down the road of nursing him to stop cold turkey.

Marc and I are doing sunshiney well – had our last marriage check up last night and it turns out that we are stunningly happy together. It was actually great to go and get that kind of feedback, to learn specifically the ways that we are different and how we support and encourage the other in being who we need to be. I’m so lucky to have him – I can’t imagine doing this without him.

In baby news – all is great. Baby is still making me sick as a dog on a consistent basis, and I’ve felt it move three or four times. I know it’s crazy early – but I figured out last night, how those early smiles, everyone says are just gas, but you KNOW it’s your baby smiling at you??? Same thing. And this isn’t gas, it’s my little baby bean moving his/her new elbows and knees :-). We’re still struggling with names, the boys name will definitely be Benjamin and the girls one – well, we’re debating. I’m leaning towards Julianna, Emily or Meghan. Marc’s okay with Emily, hates Julianna and Jessie’s really liking Meghan. But I think Meghan Cohen sounds kind of odd… luckily we still have thirty one weeks to decide 🙂

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