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May 06

I love Tuesdays

No real reasons, but it’s always been my favorite day of the week. I mean, Fridays are right up there too – but Tuesdays hold a special place in my heart. Marc first e-mailed me on a Tuesday 😉

Nothing really new or exciting going on… kids are both well and healthy. Jessie is growing up so fast, but still so little sometimes. She crawled into bed with me last night and I was so happy. I know I should be encouraging her to stay in her own bed and be all independent, and mostly I do – but I love to have her snuggle up against my back and sneak her arm around my waist to sleep. Sammy is becoming your typical two year old – even though he’s a couple of months away from actually turning two. He’s into saying No all the time, for no apparent reason, he fights with his sister and is loving his little duck called Quackie.

Gorgeous day today – we’re inside until it gets a little warmer. I’m playing toy rotation game – which is really not all that much fun, but necessary when you’ve got buckets and buckets of toys and many toddlers.

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