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May 03

My baby lost her first teeth

Not her first tooth – her first teeth. She cut them at the same time and lost them at the same time. I still remember when I saw them for the first time and know that I’ll never forget when she lost them. Jessie had two loose teeth, and I figured I had a while to get used to her losing them. But she’s got that cast on her arm, and when her shirt got stuck on it, she grabbed the shirt with her teeth and gave a good yank. Out came the first tooth, and she started screaming, came tearing thru the house stark naked and crying. I held her and cried a little, she’s growing up so fast and I’m so proud and so happy to have her. Then Marc realized that the second tooth was barely hanging on, and he gave it a little tug, and out it popped. Two teeth at once! My big girl… she was so proud.

I wrote her a letter from her tooth fairy, I named her Marigold, and we gave her two presents, a book and a diary – plus what she calls “double money.” Because Marc had six singles, we quickly determined that each tooth would be worth three dollars – so I put all six bill in an envelope with my letter, sprinkled the whole thing with glitter (we call it fairy dust) and stuffed it under her pillow.

Having children is so amazing, and it’s just not something I ever get used to. I’m consistently thrilled by it, something new is always happening, and the best part is that I’ve got two, so I’m living thru two sets of amazing milestones. And even though Sam’s the second one, I find his just as thrilling as Jessie’s. Sam’s now seriously saying “No, no” and “Mommy.” And he’s enchanted with this new ability to get his point across, and declines almost everything. In fact, for about ten minutes in the car earlier, he sang the word “no” over and over again.

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