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Jun 26

The apple doesn’t fall far….

Sam has spent all morning, literally all morning, playing with his army guys.  He sets them up, he knocks them all down, packs them all up into vehicles and travels into another room, sets them all up, knocks them down…  It’s fascinating, because at this age, Jessica’s very favorite thing in the whole wide world was playing with her princess figurines.  She had the whole compliment of Disney figures and would do the exact same thing.  Only princess-ish, instead of WWII-ish.

It made me think, because really, they are so similar.  And even though it’s a gorgeous day outside, neither one has any desire to be outside playing.  They like the fresh air, and they aren’t averse to activity, but are both perfectly happy, inside, puttering, reading, playing.  The television isn’t on (because while I won’t force them outside most of the time, I won’t let them watch tv during the day), so I don’t mind that they’re inside.  Which reminds me of me at their age – my mother was forever throwing us outside to play, and I hated it.  I’d sit somewhere under a tree and read… and it’s somehow surprising to me to realize that I have produced children who are not only just like each other, but also who are startlingly similar to myself at that age…

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