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Mar 25

Julie loves the potty

It’s her favorite room in the house, and there’s nothing she likes more than to be sitting on her little potty, hanging out. She’ll spend up to a half hour in there, just hanging. Sometimes she’ll demand privacy, and won’t let anyone in with her, but more often than not, she’ll holler out for someone to come “keep her company.”

She’s been potty trained since last summer, but she still uses her little potty on the floor. I know at some point, I’ll have to transition her over to the big toilet, but for right now, she prefers the little one. I’ve got my washer and dryer in the bathroom as well, and I’m a woman who does a ridiculous amount of laundry. There’s literally always some clothes to fold in there. I’ll fold, while she chats away about events of her life. Today we touched on why sharing is so hard, and explained why we couldn’t get a slide to put in the living room. We have long involved conversations in the bathroom. We discuss what she dreamed about last night, why some people like hot sauce and other’s don’t, and why her favorite cousin, Abby-with-a-bow (to distinguish her from her other friend Abi) liked the chickens at Auntie Cathy’s house yesterday. She’ll make her older sister sit in there with her, regaling her with princess fairy tales and her brother is often forced to entertain her as well, he sings for her. She even trapped Marc in there yesterday. She was singing quietly to herself, with hand gestures, and banged her hand up against the wall. Marc went in to find out why she was crying and then had to sit there for another ten minutes while she discussed and demonstrated. Several times.

I think it’s a power thing. She’s two, there’s not a whole lot she gets control over, really. She rarely gets to eat all the chocolate she wants, she has to take naps and go to bed and get in the car and run errands. But once she says the magic words “I have to go potty,” she knows she’s got us right where she wants us. There’s nothing we can do to stop it, and there’s virtually no way to speed up the process. She seems to delight in hanging out on the potty, taking her time, not a care in the world.

I try to remember that these days won’t last forever – Jessie wouldn’t dream of calling me into the bathroom to hang with her. But sometimes I find myself wishing she’d just hurry up and go already, so we can get on with our day.

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