My only excuse is that it’s hot. And even though I’m happily enclosed in an air conditioned apartment, I’m still feeling like just laying down somewhere quiet to sleep. Unfortunately, I’ve still got sixty percent of my kids (easy math when you’ve got five kids here) still awake so I’m pouring a cup of coffee and hoping for the best.

Actively working on weaning – at least for today. I’ve embarked on this before and always gave up – this kid is just too stubborn for me. When we pit our wills against each other, I can win, but it’s really hard – and he isn’t giving up nursing without a serious fight. But three years is enough, I was hoping for one full year, happy to have reached two, and am now so incredibly ready for it to be over and done with. I don’t mind changing diapers, the fact that he’s got zippo interest in the potty doesn’t bother me, the fact that he’s still climbing into my bed most nights is fine by me, but the nursing has got to go. With any luck. Like any relationship, it takes two so I’m trying to gently push towards weaning. I don’t think it’ll happen overnight, but that’s where I am right now.

In other news – the father/daughter camping trip went GREAT. The girls all had a great time, with the exception of Sarah, who woke up and got a little freaked out about being in the tent. Marc ended up getting them all up (the other two woke up when Sarah started crying) and going out to go the bathroom, which was actually lovely, because they got to see the stars. Living in a city, they haven’t seen that before and it was magical for them. They can’t wait to go again – I think the Daddy/Daughter camping trip will be a new summer tradition.

Jess has another two weeks until school starts, and most of the school shopping is done. I still need to get her a backpack (one with wheels like her older sisters) and a new lunchbox, but I was able to get most of her actual pen/pencil/crayon/construction paper stuff at the dollar store.

3 thoughts on “Lethargic

  1. Oh, I feel for you! Cakes was two (and a few months) before she finally quit, and I was SO READY to be done. I can't imagine going until age 3.

    Oddly enough, when she did finally wean, I was still pretty sad, even though I wanted her to wean. Hormones, I guess.

  2. hope the weaning is going well! have any tricks up your sleeve? i am thinking that Logan will get down to nursing 1x a day and then put up a biiiig struggle to give that up.

    so great that the girls got to see the stars. 🙂 can you see very many at your home?

  3. Weaning is going… okay. It's really hard, because it's his comfort, his security, his default when the world isn't entirely sunny – and explaining that I just don't want to nurse him makes him furious. Right now, I'm relying on bribery, distraction – and never sitting down. Ever. And he's still nursing two or three times a day and at least once in the middle of the night.


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