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Mar 12

Your good car thoughts were moderately successful

Depending entirely on perspective. I’m working on positive thinking, so the car is functional, we can drive it without a problem – except that we have to replace the engine and until we do, the muffler will need to be replaced every couple of months. This is not precisely good news, but it could be so much worse that I’m thinking we’re pretty lucky.

All is not well in Jessie’s world – twice this week, she’s gone to school sobbing. Does she hate school? Well, if you ask her (and shouldn’t she be the best source??), then absolutely she does. But her teacher claims that all is well, and she’s doing great. I’m perplexed and frustrated – because I don’t know how to proceed. I could totally pull her out and homeschool her. I want to, on so many levels. I think she’d do great at home with me, she’s so bright. But I want her in school, to have a “normal” childhood, with friends and playdates and relationships with other people, especially adults.

Sammy is doing well – his cough is mostly gone, which is great, and he’s still nursing. Although I’m starting to sense that I might be losing my milk. YAY. Nursing is getting more and more uncomfortable – he’s nursing so haphazardly these days, some days he’s latched on constantly, and then the weekend will come and he’ll nurse for a few minutes to go to sleep and that’s it. I’d LOVE it if he’d stop – I’m so ready to be done with nursing. As much as I want another baby – and I really, really do, I want to have a little time without nursing and (gasp) I’d even like to have him potty trained this summer. No diapers, no nursing – I’d love a little break before getting pregant and doing it all over again.

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