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May 01

Sam’s newest thing

He shoves his finger in his nose and says wisely “Booooooooogie.” Ah – the moments that make a mother proud. Took everyone outside for a lovely walk and played bubbles and colors. Which is code for Sammy shoving the carriage around the driveway and Jessie blowing bubbles while Harrison clutches all the chalk he can hold to his chest while he runs after bubbles. Sam’s asleep right now on the couch, clutching his ‘quackie,’ and Harrison, who apparently no longer feels compelled to nap, is up and watching JoJo’s Circus. Jordyn is chattering in my bedroom, where she’s supposed to be sleeping and Jessie is drinking a disgustingly chocolate glass of chocolate milk (I let her add her own chocolate).

Jessie has two loose teeth, and is very excited. I’m apprehensive, a bit. Loose teeth, starting kindergarten and watching Hannah Montana – it’s all happening very fast for me….

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