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Apr 11


I’m cleaning today. Marc wanted to have the girls over night last night, and invited our friend’s daughter to spend the night as well (on the theory that when you’ve got four, you might as well have five). Everyone had a wonderful time, including me, because when they started to make me crazy with the mess and the noise, I left them all home and went to the pedicure place up the street to get my toes done. I can’t reach them anymore and pretty toes really make a huge difference for me, strangely enough. I like having a lot of kids around, I do, and am blissfully happy that my husband feels the same way, but at this point in the pregnancy, all I really want to do is just go into labor and I’m not blessed with a great deal of patience. So it was good all the way around that I was able to escape. An hour in a nice massage chair, with a “spa” pedicure, massaging my feet and ankles, lots of hot towels and warm water… it made it much nicer. They’re all tearing around the living room this morning and have been since just before seven and I’m doing my best to block it out.

I’m really looking forward to not being pregnant any more. I used to have a lot more patience and calm. I feel like I’m mostly just irritated these days.

I find myself randomly rearranging my bedroom this morning, nothing major, but puttering and moving some smaller stuff around. Hoping maybe it’s a sign. I’m still having minor contractions pretty much constantly and right now, they just frustrate me. It’s like my body is just teasing me… so close, so close, so almost in labor – but nothing really happening….

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