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Nov 16

Paragon of health

That’s my baby girl.  We had her six month checkup today, and she’s brilliantly healthy.  She’s in the ninetieth percentile for height and head circumference, and seventy fifth for weight.  We’re still having issues with solids – she loves baby food purees but can’t hold them down.  Strangely enough, she’s great at table food, rice, beans, bagels and pizza crust, but straight up baby food makes her puke.  But since she’s obviously thriving on breast milk (and I’d say that’s still about 99% of her intake at this point), the pediatrician was fine with me taking it slowly on her having solid food.  We’re probably going to be doing mostly “baby led solids” with her, which makes me a little sad.  I really do love spoon feeding her – but she’s better with food she feeds herself.  She’s still got her one little tooth, and received many compliments on her general disposition, social skills and ability to make eye contact and engage with people. She got three shots, and is actually napping – alone – in the bed right now.  Vaccines have many benefits, but one of them is simply that after getting her shots, she naps really well. 

Earlier today – I was on the phone with my mother, trying to guide her thru Worcester traffic.  She was lost, as per usual, and frustrated and vaguely blaming me because I was the one who moved to Worcester and thus was really the reason that she had to fight city traffic to get anywhere.  And since I get lost, still (after living here for almost seven years), I was frustrated because I couldn’t figure out where she was, let alone how to get her where she needed to be.  And my little Sammy love, he saw me on the phone and very sweetly asked if I needed a kiss, and then came over and kissed my arm.  He’s so awesome – I love that kid…

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