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Dec 07

So very busy…

I don’t feel as though I’m all that busy. I mean, I’m at home pretty much all day, every day. And even though there’s the obvious chaos that goes along with having small children in the house, things still feel fairly calm and relaxed much of the time. But I spoke to one of my best friends in the world and she mentioned that she hasn’t talked to me lately because she didn’t want to bother me, I seem to be so busy all the time. Every time she calls, the kids are yelling or there’s something going on… and Marc commented this morning how exhausted he was after such a busy weekend.

Looking back, it wasn’t all that busy, but it feels as though we’re just doing something constantly. Saturday morning, he got up, brought Jess and Sarah to Hebrew School, came back, picked Sam and I up and we went out for breakfast (which was very sweet, because he was planning on going to services but because Sammy cried so hard when he left, he came back to spend the time with us instead). Then we picked up the girls from Hebrew School, did the dance relay (where we drop one off at the studio and pick the other one up), came home, dropped off me, Sam and Lilli, and took Jessie grocery shopping. Then he picked up Sarah, and we spent the afternoon at home. The girls went home early, because Harrison and Julia were coming over. The kids were here for dinner, and settled down to watch movies around eight thirty or so.

Sunday was equally busy, I guess, Marc went to the Brotherhood Breakfast with his dad at the synagogue in the morning, and I stayed home with the kids. Then he picked up the girls, brought them back here, we made Hanukkah cards for a marine that Marc met thru work, who’s stationed up in Alaska. After that, we picked up Jordyn and went to the Hanukkah party for the PJ Library. Which was actually great, and everyone had a really good time. I’m feeling delightfully pregnant now. Sam was, as per usual, miserable at the party for the first hour, but then loosened up and started interacting with people.

Today’s a quiet day at home, and I’m looking forward to just relaxing and straightening out the house. Both kids are seriously sleep deprived, so I’m working actively towards an early bedtime with Jess. She’s been fighting sleep, really hard, for the past couple of nights and I need to fix that. I’ve always had no problem getting her to sleep, but now she’s bigger and it’s becoming more of an issue. I want her to be able to fall asleep on her own, and it’s not going well. I’m thinking that maybe getting a sound machine, or a books on tape sort of thing might work well for her, because she falls asleep best when I’m reading out loud to her from one of my books (boring for her, but she likes to listen to something when dozing off).

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