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May 15

Rain. All.Week.Long

I don’t mean to complain (but since it’s my blog and all…), I’m going to anyway.  It’s pouring today – and the five day forecast shows nothing but rain.  Forever.  And with six kids here right now – the thought of not being able to ship them outside freaks me out just a little bit.   That’s a whole lot of yelling that’s going to be going on for the next week or so…

I’m not handling this well.  It’s hard, having everyone staying here, and I’m feeling overwhelmed and worn out.  I love my cousin and her kids are so stinking cute most of the time, but I’m praying for patience and grace.

In other news… Julianna Ruth is sleeping away, Jessie is cuddled up with her daddy and Samilicious Boy is downstairs playing with the little neighbor from across the street and Arie’s oldest son.  My house is the place where all the kids seem to congregate (other than the thousands that are currently living here).  At any given time, I’ve got my three, plus Arie’s three, two of the neighbors, two stepdaughters and Glennys.  Mostly, I love that – I love that the kids all love playing over here, I like the thought of being the house where all the kids hang out.

I just have to keep reminding myself that.

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