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Nov 29


And frustration.

That’s where I am right now.  I’m trying to wade thru the paperwork and process of getting Sam the services he needs while still homeschooling – and it’s a hot mess.  Nobody knows who I need to talk to, nobody wants to say that they’ll step up and help me figure it out.  I’ve got a list of people to talk to, all of whom have told me to talk to someone else. Yesterday alone, I spoke with six different people from the school system, all of them agreed that I needed help, and sincerely believed that I should be talking to someone else.  That someone else would agree that wow, I did need some assistance, but here’s another contact I should reach out to – said contact then agreed that the best person to talk to would be the one I started off with.

I’m baffled, and gearing up to just start calling and writing and bugging people in order to get him what he needs.  The problem is that I don’t entirely know WHAT I need… which makes it tougher.  And by tougher, I mean – baffling, frustrating and in the meantime, I’ve got a kid who’s education is reduced to the audiobooks shelves at the library and me reading thru Life of Fred with him.

In other news… girls are good.  Julie just got her report card, and she’s kicking ass in all subjects, and a joy overall.  Same thing with Jessie – all A’s, except for math – and even that is light years better than it was last year.  They’re both thriving in school, and while I still have it in the back of my head to homeschool them, especially Julie, neither of them have ever indicated that they’d like that.  My plan, right now, is to have Jessie continue up into high school and go the traditional route, and with Julie – I’m praying that she gets into Goddard in the sixth grade.  If she runs into problems… I love her teacher.  I’m confident that for right now, public school is working for Julie and she’s happy there.  If that changes – I’m also confident that homeschooling would be wonderful for her.

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