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Oct 30

There’s nothing good to eat

At all. Anywhere. I can think of nothing appealing. I don’t have any cravings, exactly. I went thru a couple of weeks when all I ate was frozen mint milano cookies, then suddenly, those were repulsive and I couldn’t even think about them without wanting to vomit. Did the same thing with mandarin oranges, and then with onion bagels. Now I’m done with onion bagels and there’s literally nothing in the world that even remotely sounds like I might want to eat it. And the nausea is building, and it’s only going to get worse until I solve this.

I think a hamburger pizza might work. I’m going to try that for lunch. Of course, that’s more of a one-shot deal, so I’m going to be faced with this same dilemma later on this afternoon…

In other news… not too much going on. Various family dramas bubbling up all over the place, on both sides, but so far, I’ve managed to stay disengaged. For the most part. Halloween this weekend – Jess is going as a witch – she’s got the cutest costume and green face paint so she’ll be suitably spooky. Sam’s got a sword and a shield (that I’ll end up carrying, I’m sure) and is planning on being a knight. Sam’s not a kid who thrives on attention from strangers, and if there wasn’t candy involved, I’m sure he’d flat out refuse to participate in the whole thing. Ironically, he doesn’t like candy – he likes unwrapping it and then licks it and puts it down somewhere for me to find (hopefully before it melts into a disgusting mess) at some point later.

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