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Nov 02

Trick or Treating

I think Halloween, every year, should be held on the last Saturday of the month. Because that way you’ve got all afternoon to prepare, nobody has to get out of work early, you can start trick or treating when you want to, you don’t care what time they go to bed because nobody has to get up early the next morning, and they’ve got all day Sunday to eat ridiculous amounts of junk and get it over and done with so you don’t have to spend the next week and a half arguing about it.
Jess had the BEST costume – a super cool witch dress and hat with green face paint. She looked fabulous and loved it. Sam, on the other hand, refused to wear any of the three costumes I offered him. I have a pirate costume that he shot down right off the bat, then he wanted a knight costume, which involved a shield and sword he refused to carry, and finally he agreed to wear his trusty Batman costume, only to bail out at the last minute because “it was private” and he didn’t want anyone to see it.
Jess is home sick today with a cough and a fever. A little motrin made her all better and I probably should have sent her, but it’s always tough to tell, and with a fever… I figured she’d be better off home for the day.

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