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Feb 22

Who loves a snow day??

I do, I do! Especially when I’ve got food in the house and just my kids and my husband at home. The snow has been falling since early this morning and it’s so cozy and comfortable in here, I’m making challah from a new recipe, four strands this time, and am very excited about it. Both my kids are vacationed-out, I think. Jess has been doing so much better, in terms of the tantrums, she’s really started to phase them out, but today she’s morphed into Scary Jessie at least four different times. Sam is okay – he was cranky yesterday.

Which actually, now that I think about it, is so surprising. I used to think of him as so moody and emotional, but I think it’s because I’m still holding onto that image of him as an infant, colicy and with reflux, nursing 24/7, sleeping for no more than 20 minutes at a time, and crying, just crying forever. But now that he’s a big boy, he’s the most even tempered, sunshiny, happy kid. He’s very earnest and solemn at times, and he has the greatest belly laugh (and nobody can make him laugh harder than Jess). But the occasions when he’s legitimately cranky or miserable are few and far between.

Marc took him outside shoveling earlier, there’s nothing this boy likes more than doing man things with Daddy. Using tools, putting stuff together, shoveling snow, etc. Jess and Glennys got all bundled up and went outside too.

Tomorrow, Jess, Mom and I are all going out for our special birthday celebration. Poor Jess, she doesn’t get much one on one time with me, I can count on one hand the number of times that we’ve done something solo since Sam has been born. Sammy gets a lot more quality Mommy time now that she’s at school, but Jess has been neglected shamefully. I’m very much looking forward to tomorrow with my girl 🙂

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