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Jan 25

Turning 41 is SO much better than turning 40

I was scared to turn 40.  It seemed so momentous to me, like it was such a major milestone, and I wasn’t ready to meet it.

But turning 41, that’s just lovely.

I had the nicest of days today yesterday, given that I’m still kind of sick.  We’ve all had a bad cold, and it’s slowly made it’s way through the family.  Started with Marc, and he was down for most of last weekend.  Sam got it next, and missed Thursday and Friday of school.  I started to get sick on Thursday and have spent most of the past two days binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy on netflix.  Jessie’s got it now, and Julie – well, Julie either has missed it entirely or she’s been sick the whole time.  She claims that she’s very sick (actually, after watching the cold medication commercials, has taken to telling everyone she’s got chest congestion).

Massachusetts got one of the first big storms since Thanksgiving this year, and we were essentially snowed in all day.  Marc called into work, and we spent the entire day at home.  Marc made pancakes for everyone, Sam and Julie shoveled (a little bit), and then it devovled into a battle of whether or not they were going to make a snow fort, a snow bed, or a snow man.  Jessie stayed on the couch all day too.  Marc did everything, dishes, meals, most of the child corralling throughout the day.  He finished up the night by making chicken and homemade french fries, and then whipping me up a vanilla cake and homemade frosting for breakfast tomorrow.

This is what I wanted.  This is the dream.  And while I like to think that I’m always aware of how incredibly blessed I am, I really struck by it today.  Julie kept stopping what she was doing to come and purse her lips at me so that I could kiss her, and Sammy is in is room, making me some sort of birthday gift out of legos.  My husband worked diligently all day, bringing me tea and coffee and benedryl, and Jessie has been curled up next to me all day watching Friend’s reruns.  I’ve got this gorgeous, brilliant, incredibly kind husband who loves me more than anything.  I’ve got beautiful children, smart, funny, creative kids who make my whole world.

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