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Jan 29

Literary Snapshots from the Blizzard of 2015

(Literary, because my camera isn’t working – and there are more than enough pics of three feet of snow dumped on us)

– The shock and dismay upon realizing that the heat is broken on Tuesday morning.  The blizzard hit late Monday night, and we woke up to SNOW everywhere.  But before I could get all swept away in the prettiness and wonder that goes along with waking up to a winter wonderland, I discovered that our heat wasn’t working.

– The further dismay upon realizing that a state of emergency had been declared, and there was no way that it was going to get fixed anytime soon.

– I baked.  A lot.  Two loaves of bread and I boiled a chicken.  And learned again that there’s a LOT of chicken on a chicken, if that makes sense.  I had a very busy sort of soup, with a ton of carrots, celery and onions – and then matzoh balls and noodles too, because why not just keep boiling stuff?

– The five of us, Marc, me, the three kids – it’s still kind of awesome being trapped in our apartment.  Julie and Sam played together blissfully almost the entire time, Jessie napped enthusiastically and she’s binge-watching West Wing.

– When the temperature in the house is ranging from 48-55 degrees for a few days, any progress we were making on getting over the cold stops altogether.  Jessie has been miserable and sick, and I’m feeling lousy too.  Sam is fine, and Marc is… starting to get sick again.  Julie never really got sick, but she’s still sneezing.

– Marc’s cousin found his old version of the game Axis and Allies.  Which is SO much cooler, apparently, than the version that we had, and he and Sam (and Julie) played that most of yesterday afternoon.

– Marc has concluded that he’s not playing Axis and Allies again with Julie until she’s 12.  At least.  And we learned a valuable lesson about why Shoots and Ladders and Princess Yahtzee are better games for my girl.

– One of the massive and major perks to renting as opposed to owning (in addition to the fact that I’m not responsible for paying anything for the heating snafu) is that the snow shoveling, snowblowing, all of that was pretty much taken care of for us.  Marc had to clean off the car and help shovel a little bit for our neighbors, but mostly – it was all taken care of by the college-aged brothers that live in the basement apartment.

– I don’t think the kids are going back to school until Tuesday.  I don’t think I’m going to drive until at least then.  We’re supposed to get another six inches of snow tomorrow into Saturday, which means that I’ll skip services and religious school, and then another storm (that may or may not just blow out to sea) on Monday.

– Which also means that I DON’T HAVE TO DRIVE MARC TO WORK ANYMORE.  His last day is on Saturday, and on Monday, he starts his new job in Westford.  And how he’ll get there… well, I’m going to pull a Scarlett O’Hara and just not think about that right now.

– The heat is still not working.  We’ve got space heaters everywhere, and the place is toasty, but the actual gas heat still isn’t working and nobody really knows why.  The landlord has been here for the past two days, the HVAC guys have been here and everyone’s working really hard, but… we still have no heat.  Several space heaters, so I’m not complaining…

– The roads are finally good enough so that Marc is out and about.  The Home Depot was closed on Tuesday and he had Wednesday off, so he was home.  But today he went back to work, and even dropped Sammy off at Harrison’s house for a playdate.


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