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Jan 22

The dreaded cold

We don’t get sick all that often around here. My oldest had ear infections all the time when she was a baby, but other than that, we’re a relatively healthy family. My youngest has never been on an antibiotic, and I think Sam was once, maybe. Allergies – we all have some form of seasonal allergies, and Jessie has an allergy to dust mites (and a hard core love of stuffed animals, which doesn’t help…). My point is that we’re healthy.

Except… we’ve all got the dreaded cold. It started off with my husband. Marc is one of those people who doesn’t multi-task. Which, now that I’m thinking about it, kind of sums up a lot about the differences between us. He has incredible focus – and part of our family ethos is that if you want it done right, go to Daddy. If you want it done fast, go to Mama. Because he will focus and concentrate, think about the best way to tackle a problem, and then execute the solution. A perfect example is a bookcase that’s falling apart in my living room. The back is falling off, and it’s leaning dangerously to the side. Marc’s solution, upon examining it, was to plan to remove all 87,000 books, reattach the back painstakingly, and then he’d probably end up alphabetizing the books before replacing them. Mine was to shove the television stand into the bookcase, straightening it out. Not done right, and not a great long term solution, probably, but it did get it standing back up again.

What was the point I was going for again?? Oh yeah, the focus and multi-tasking. Marc got sick first. And he got SICK. Dizzy, congested, slightly feverish. He went to bed, and stayed there for two days. He was sick. I started getting sick yesterday (just in time for him to get better…) and I was lazy. I read a lot more yesterday, continued binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy repeats. But I didn’t go to bed, I just complained a lot. I got up this morning, popped a few advil and a sudafed, and am hoping for the best.

Sam’s home today, he’s been fighting off the same cold. Julie isn’t sick, not really. She’s probably a few days behind Sam in the development of the cold, and I’m on the fence whether I should send her to school or not. She’s not feverish, but I don’t know that I feel up to battling with her to get ready. Jessie, thus far, seems to be healthy, so she’s definitely heading off to school today.

Spring can’t come soon enough…

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