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Feb 24

Happy Birthday Girls Day

Mom, Jessie, Becky and I all went out for the day yesterday. Becky’s not technically a birthday girl, but we like her so we brought her along with us :-). It was lovely – I really enjoyed spending the day out and about with my girl. I’m so very proud of her, she’s so exactly what I’d always wanted in a daughter, and it was so nice to be able to really focus on her.

I love having two kids, and definitely want to have at least one more, but there’s something magical about having one on one time with them. Every time we walked, her hand was automatically in mine, and I was very aware of being with my daughter.

It was also lovely to come home and have my Sammy come running for me. I missed him – he’s with me so consistently that not having him feels strange and weird, like I accidentally left my arm at home.

Marc and I bickered all night, not an overly pleasant happy marriage night. He was just bugging me and from his response, I wasn’t making him smile either. We have little in common when it comes to television – which I’ve accepted. Marc still hasn’t come to terms with it, and periodically attempts to force me to appreciate television that he finds so valuable and meaningful. It’s for my own good, I suppose he thinks, I think he’s being stubborn and mean. I don’t insist on him watching E True Hollywood Story or Grey’s Anatomy, although I find them fascinating… I fail to understand why he thinks it’s a personality flaw that he can correct – the fact that I don’t like, nor do I intend to subject myself to, Major Payne.

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