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Monthly Archive: February 2010

Feb 14

Happy Anniversary to us :-)

Eight years today – I woke up, and my only thought about the blind date that night was that I hoped it’d be over time for me to meet my friends for margaritas afterwards. But it turned out to be the day my whole world changed forever. There are times in your life when you …

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Feb 12

Nothing major going on here today

Things are quiet and easy. Jessie has her Valentine’s Day party today, plus it’s her day for Show and Tell, so it was a very exciting sort of morning for her. I baked snickerdoodles with pink sugar crystals instead of cinnamon and sugar for the party, and she brought her in her Rebecca Rubin doll. …

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Feb 10


My family was chaotic, growing up. My parents divorced when I was six, and my dad left for good when I was around fourteen. In between that time, it seemed as though my parents were always battling. I had two younger brothers and a younger sister, and there was a lot of just general chaos. …

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Feb 09

Increasingly disgruntled

Went to see the dermatologist today – paid a thirty five dollar co pay to hear her tell me that she feels really bad for me, but there isn’t much of anything that she can do. I’m just itchy. Apparently, my liver, while functioning perfectly well, is also “just sitting there” and not doing much …

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Feb 08

Potty training – I think it’s working

He started on Thursday night, and since then, has spent the majority of each day either naked or in his Batman underwear. It’s entirely self-directed, I let him wear a diaper when he wants one, and he’s asking to go in the potty. Immensely pleased by this – as I had long ago given up …

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Feb 07

Jessie’s seventh birthday

Still sounds odd – I have a seven year old daughter. Seven seems so much older than six, somehow. But it’s true, she’s seven. My Angel Girl, Miss Misery, Chicken, Jessie Bug Noodle – all the wonder that it is Jessica came into the world seven years ago, and my life has never been the …

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Feb 05

Milk thistle made me throw up

So we’re back to suffering. I talked to my OB again today, and he’s calling in an rx and made me an appt with the dermatologist. The only hitch is that the rx will make me sleepy, and I can take benedryl to do that, so I don’t even know that it’s worth it. The …

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Feb 04

Branching out into alternative medicine

I’m going to start taking milk thistle and dandelion supplements for the itching. It was so awful last night (getting out of a medicated bath) that I sobbed all over Marc because I was so itchy and big and uncomfortable and yucky. Which reminds me – I have to say that my husband is AWESOME …

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Feb 03


That’s me today. Part of it is just hormones, I’m sure, Marc and I didn’t have a sunshiney morning and that always makes my day lousy. Part of it is the doctors appt today – which I should be grateful about, because I do not have gestational diabetes or cholestatis. I didn’t want either of …

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Feb 02

I don’t get siblings still battling into their thirties

At some point, aren’t we supposed to grow up? I’m in the middle of this utterly stupid situation that feels ridiculously reminiscent of being eight years old and arguing over who Mom loves best. I’m so tired of it… it’s just literally so stupid, I’m embarrassed to be involved with it. I’m sad to be …

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