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Jan 20

Happy Wednesday

All is delightful in my world at the moment. A little nausea, but the baby girl is bopping around in there. I think it’s honestly making the nausea worse, but I always like to feel her move, so I’m not complaining. Actually, I am – but not in a real way, more commenting.

Stayed up late last night watching the election. I love elections. Just flat out love them. I like the race up to it, I like voting, I like watching the returns. And felt extra special last night because we live in Massachusetts and got to vote in such an important election. The kids, Marc, and I all went to vote together, and then came home. I started to get the kids ready for bed, read Jess a little more of Harry Potter (she’s loving that) and then we all sat in the living room and watched the results come in. I love thinking of the kids having those memories growing up – that voting is important, taking an interest in your country’s government is an obligation and how lucky they are to be able to have the right to vote.

In other news… not too much going on. We’ve got birthdays coming up soon – my mother’s is on Sunday, mine is on Monday and my baby girl will turn seven on Feb. 7. This Saturday, Jessie, Mom and I are heading out for our day of indulgence – every year, we go out for mani/pedis and lunch to celebrate our birthdays together :-). Can’t wait…

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