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Oct 04

My Julie

She dances outside in the afternoons.

Not every afternoon, but enough so that it’s a thing.  She goes outside, all by herself, and sings and dances around my front yard.

I love this kid.

She’s so beautiful.  Not just physically – although between her big, big eyes, endlessly long lashes, her skin with the little dusting of freckles, and her gorgeous, gorgeous hair – she really is beautiful.  More importantly, she’s the kindest, most thoughtful and sweetest little girl.

Jessie is my first, my oldest.  And she and I have a special bond because of that.  Sam is my boy, my buddy, and God, after what we’ve been thru in the past few years, he and I are incredibly connected.  But my Julie – my tiny little Julianna, she’s my blessing.  I adore her.  And watching her dance outside my window is my favorite part of the afternoon.

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