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Oct 04

Resurrecting a blog

It’s been a fairly chaotic time, although not for any reason in particular.  I used to be home more, with more space and time for blogging.  This past month, I’ve been doing STUFF, dealing with a head cold, Jessie got a concussion, Sam started playing with legos.  Julie started school.  I mean, Jessie started school too – but she seems so much more independent – like, SHE started school, whereas I still feel as though I’m intimately involved with Julie’s school.

So here we are.  Jessie’s a freshman, Sam’s plugging  away at either fifth or sixth grade, depending on my mood and how productive we are.  Julie is in second grade, and I’m worried, a little bit, about how challenged she is.  I KNOW the other two are working up to grade level, or even higher.  But Julie’s so smart, and so quiet, and so afraid of imposing or irritating anyone – I’m afraid she flies under the radar to an unhealthy extent.

Marc’s job is going well.  Really well, in a way that’s still a bit weird to get used to.  He’s always worked so hard, and so often found himself in positions where the company couldn’t pay him.  So to find a company who not only loves what he does, but financially recognizes it… it’s so new and different, we don’t know what to do with ourselves.

Lizzie Beth is… well, suffice it to say that getting a puppy is hell at first, but getting better.  She’s mostly housebroken now, if you don’t mind that she never ever tells us when to take her out, but depends entirely on my remembering.  Me remembering, because nobody else seems to ever do it unprompted.   She’s slightly crazy, but super cute.  I wish she’d sleep in Sam’s bed, but sadly, she seems to prefer my bed – so often I end up with both Sam and Lizzie sleeping in our bed.

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